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Black Nazis III: Ethnic Minorities & Foreigners in Hitler’s Reich

A Surprising Twist: How Diversity Flourished in World War II Germany. Hardcover. 6” x 9”. 431 pp. (The Third Edition of Black Nazis!) You might find it hard to believe, but the German armed forces and the Greater German Reich were unexpectedly emblematic of diversity during this stormy era. While the Nazis initially propagated a racist […]

Economic Immediate Program

of the NSDAP Softcover. 6” x 9”. 79 pp. Have you ever pondered the official National Socialist stance on economics? Well, now is your opportunity to delve into the initial economic program of the NSDAP, straight from their own discourse. This meticulously translated text offers a comprehensive portrayal of every facet of the economy from […]


An official Wehrmacht publication Hardcover. 6” x 9”. 249 pp. The substance and delivery are truly remarkable. This book delves deeply into the investigation of Moloch worship: its essence, origins, functions, and the trajectory it is leading us towards. Unbeknownst to many until now, we have all been subject to the influence of a clandestine […]


A Look Behind the Scenes of World Politics Hardcover. 6” x 9”. 150 pp. Embark on an intriguing journey through the corridors of history with this captivating book, offering an insider’s perspective on the hidden forces shaping global politics during the tumultuous 1930s. As you delve into its pages, you may find a sense of […]

The Freemasons

Do You Know Them? Softcover. 6” x 9”. 90 pp. Part I comprises an extensive essay unveiling the principles and aspirations of Freemasonry, along with the identities of numerous prominent members. The German government enacted a prohibition, barring Masons from assuming leadership or educational roles. Discover the rationale behind this decision and the methods employed […]


The Circumcised Moses Softcover. 6” x 9”. 93 pp. Presenting a succinct German publication that unveils the enigmatic essence of Yahweh. Far removed from the conventional portrayal of an “all-loving” deity, this meticulously researched and scholarly examination reveals Yahweh’s true identity as Moloch. Delve into this captivating study, which promises to challenge established beliefs and […]

Nazi Gassings

Thoughts on Life & Death Hardcover. Color interior. 6” x 9”. 227 pp. The cover pretty much says it all. $77.99 (price excludes shipping & sales tax)

The Other Nazis

An Interview Softcover. 6” x 9”. 103 pp. Presenting an illuminating dialogue captured within the pages of this book, featuring Frank Joseph’s insightful interview with the author, as originally featured in the esteemed publication “New Dawn”. Within these exchanges, the author provides comprehensive responses to a myriad of questions surrounding the enigmatic history of Germany. […]

The Controversy of Black Nazis

An Interview Softcover. 6” x 9”. 105 pp. Presenting Earnest Young’s insightful interview with the author, originally featured in the German publication “Zuerst!” Within the pages of this book, readers are granted a comprehensive exploration of the ‘Black Nazis thesis’, addressing a spectrum of controversies spanning both Left and Right ideological divides. This volume offers […]

World Freemasonry

UNVEILED Softcover. 6” x 9”. 79 pp. Within these pages lies a rare gem: a publication that unveils the hidden truths surrounding the enigmatic entity known as Freemasonry. Contrary to its benign facade as a fraternal organization of “Good Old Boys,” this succinct treatise reveals Freemasonry’s true nature and clandestine agenda. Through meticulous analysis and […]

Idi Amin & Adolf Hitler

Madman Propaganda Softcover. 6” x 9”. 91 pp. In this concise piece, the author highlights a recurring theme: the portrayal of a ‘Madman Dictator’ intent on undermining America’s “freedom” and “sanctity”. Idi Amin Dada, akin to Adolf Hitler, is depicted as childishly vilified by the worldwide media and an internal faction operating within the American […]

Jewish-Zionist Warmongering

Nazi-Islamic Parallels Softcover. 6” x 9”. 103 pp. A clandestine Fifth Column has insidiously seized control of the US government, imposing its malevolent agenda upon the unsuspecting American populace. Delving deep into recent history, readers will confront the sinister convergence of atrocity propaganda, brazen deceit, relentless calls for perpetual regime change, and the ominous influence […]

Breaking Hitler

Soviet Intelligence and German Treachery in World War II Softcover. 6” x 9”. 93 pp. This brief discourse, stemming from Weronika’s extensive research during her tenure at Norwich University for a lengthy essay, delves into the intricacies of Soviet espionage and counter-espionage and their pivotal impact on the Eastern Front. Coupled with betrayals within Germany’s […]